Since we recognize and understand that every applicant may not have immediate access to the funding required by our program, we want to provide all of our applicants with resources for scholarships. Take a few minutes to examine the links below. Don't let money stand in the way of your future welding career!

Mike Rowe Works Foundation (Work Ethic Scholarship)

"That’s right—Mike Rowe is giving away $1,000,000 for this year’s Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Through this program, they recognize people who understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude. These are hardworking men and women who will keep the lights on, water running, and air flowing. These are people who show up early, stay late, and get the job done day in and out. It’s not for everyone. Hard workers are hard to find, but we know you’re out there."

Use this link to learn more about the opportunity: Mike Row Work Ethic Scholarship

AWS (American Welding Society)

"The AWS Foundation is a charitable organization that supports programs to ensure the growth and development of the welding industry through research and educational opportunities. Our industry depends upon education that prepares the next generation to meet the challenges ahead. The American Welding Society Foundation will be awarding more than $2 million in scholarships, so apply today!"

Use this link to learn more about the opportunity: American Welding Society Scholarship


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