United Welding Institute

Class Schedule 

Morning Classes 7:30 am-12:30 pm  Evening Classes 12:30 pm-5:30 pm


​Classes will begin on Mondays.

Completion will take 15-30 weeks. 5 or 10 hours per day/ 5 days per week=750 clock hours.

Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Break
Christmas Break
New Years Day
Memorial Day

Presidents Day
Good Friday

Spring Break 



Attendance Policy​
A Student’s attendance is very important to United Welding Institute. Employers are focused on hiring employees that they can depend on everyday. Make up time will be after hours. Each Hour that is missed shall be made up. Tardiness is defined by being late five (5) minutes or more. Each tardy will be recorded as one hour absent. After a student's tardiness or absences has totaled  12 days or 60 hours within a 30 week course, they may be terminated from the institution. Absences are considered unexcused unless determined otherwise by UWI President. If it is determined that a student cannot finish the course in 1 1/2 times projected completion time frame, student may be terminated
from the institution. A student that is interested in rejoining the Institute after termination or withdrawal must schedule a meeting with the president of the Institute to discuss the steps for reinstatement.​

​Grading System
4.0 90-100
3.0 80-89
2.0 70-79
1.0 60-69
Failing 0-59
Incomplete I
withdrawal W
50% of Grade is Attendance
50% of Grade is Welding

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NOW OFFERING OSHA 10 Certifications with classes